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  • Bisexuality: Busting the Myths

Bisexual people, often referred to as ‘bi’, are emotionally, romantically or sexually attracted to people of more than one gender. Bi people suffer many of the same abuses as gay men and lesbians – including criminalization and widespread discrimination. They also have to deal with an additional set of negative stereotypes, including the myths that being bi is a phase or that bi people are promiscuous, confused, or just seeking attention. Some people wrongly believe that bi people don’t experience violations because they can “choose” to be in relationships that will be perceived as straight. As a result, most bi people fear coming out – even to their closest family and friends.

None of these assumptions are true. Bi people are no more or less sexual than anyone else, and just as capable of love and commitment. Common misconceptions about bisexuality, including among some gay men and lesbians, leave many bi people feeling misunderstood, isolated and at risk of abuse. Bi people – and especially bi women– experience disproportionately high rates of violence, including rape. They are also at heightened risk of bullying, homelessness, depression and suicidal thoughts.

The fact is that bi people just want the same things as everyone else – love and support from their family and friends, and respect from everyone else.

The United Nations is calling on you to stand up for the human rights of bi people. Show your support:

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